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 Leadership, management and business development through executive coaching, business coaching, leadership/management training and workshops.


Executive Coaching & Business Coaching

Executive coaching provides a confidential proven process to support, develop and facilitate business owners, senior executives, leaders and managers attain personal/business goals, improve performance, communication, results and work life balance. Working with Mark Bateman, one of the top UK coaches can be transformational for your business, your team, and your life.

Leadership & Management Development – Training, Coaching, Workshops

A key aspect of any organisation seeking to grow is investment in leadership and management development. We provide tailored programmes to develop you and your team in order to grow in line with your vision, culture and goals.

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Customer comments

“Mark is an exceptional executive coach and mentor. He is very well schooled, intuitive and relaxed; the sessions are pacey, provoking and stretching. ” (More)

Paul Bevan, Partner, Mazzars LLP

“Mark has designed and delivered a leadership and management development course… very quickly won over and engaged all our managers, some were cynical. They are converted; enlightened, educated, and energised. Mark is highly knowledgeable, extremely engaging and uses a great mix of theory and practice to ensure learning is embedded. The board report the same feedback.” (More)

Sammy Brown, HR Manager, CDA Group (UK)

How can executive coaching be transformational?

In the same way as turning on a light in a room makes everything visible, coaching has the power to change your whole perspective on life and business. And gain results you never thought were possible. Having a trusted confidant who truly listens, asks powerful enlightening questions and facilitates your personal/team/business journey towards achieving goals is tremendously powerful.

Leadership & Management Development Resources.

If you want to know more about how leadership & management development works in practice give Mark Bateman a call on 01332 42 21 21. It may just be the best call you make this year.