CIPD Annual Conference 2015

CIPD Annual Conference 2015 mark bIt was a pleasure to be present at the CIPD Annual Conference 2015 this year.

If you were one of those who stopped to talk to us at our stand – thank you! As all those lovely HR professionals became increasingly ‘Conferenced Out’, walking between the isles became a game of British Bulldog – trying to get to your destination without being tagged. William and I needed to come up with ever more ingenious ways to get anyone to stop and talk – but thankfully when we asked the question – are you interested in what we do, the answer often came back ‘why, yes I am’ and a fruitful conversation would ensue.

CIPD Annual Conference 2015 1
Mark being filmed for a promotional video – watch this space!

We spoke to a wide range of people, including HR Directors, HR Managers, L&D directors/managers, and various other assorted roles. Typical conversations related to how to get a board of an SME to engage in Executive Coaching to resolve board level issues, how to build a bespoke leadership and management development programme to meet required needs and budgets, as well as the criteria sought by larger companies for the external executive coaches.

Following up a conference like this is a tricky one. It costs a lot of money to exhibit and any business needs to ensure a return on investment. So post show – those fruitful conversations need to be followed up. But by the time HR people are back at their desks, they are snowed under and getting hold of them is very difficult.

cipd Annual Conference 2015 3 WP
William giving his best smile.

If you are one of those we spoke to, and you expressed an interest in our services, please forgive the phone messages and follow up emails. We are only doing so because of our conversation with you, and we genuinely want to make a difference.

Profiles: Mark Bateman, William Pennington