Transaction Analysis Coaching

It really doesn’t matter whether we are in leadership, management or simply engage/relate to others on a daily basis. Transactional Analysis Coaching principles apply to all.

The premise is that we can try and map the dynamics of anyone relating to someone else. I will write more on it at a future time – but the following videos are excellent as an intro. I’d recommend the first ten minute more than the others.

Transactional Analysis 1: Ego States & Basic Transactions

Transactional Analysis 2: Games

Transactional Analysis 3: Gimmicks

We provide a range of training, workshops and coaching to develop your management skills. Understanding how TA works in every day conversations, how they impact team effectiveness and cause conflict can be transformational.

Putting your board and/or managers through one of our workshops will make an immediate difference as to how they communicate and relate to others. Difficult conversations become easier, being assertive in what is needed and required, and ensuring that no one is bullied.