Our Vision

To positively impact humanity

Our Purpose

To help leaders achieve meaningful vision

Our Values

Engagingly insightful
Positively disruptive

Quality Team

We are a team of highly qualified and experienced coaches and leadership / management development specialists. Together we support, coach and develop senior leaders/managers in order to facilitate long lasting transformational positive change at individual, team and organisational levels.

Mark Bateman, Founder and CEO, has lead thousands of groups, covering all age groups, cultures, and levels of seniority, racking up over 75,000 hours in the process. This experience, along with relevant qualifications, is what Welcome Insight is founded on. Those who work for Welcome Insight share the same approach.

If you are seeking clarity, solutions and greater effectiveness, and/or you want to grow/sell your business, you’ve come to the right place.

Mark Bateman

Founder & CEO

Mark Bateman Executive Coach

Our History

Since 2011 Welcome Insight has focussed on providing coaching to business owners, senior leaders/managers, partners and directors, as well as leadership and management development programmes to organisations of all sizes.

Fantastic relationships have been built with organisations and businesses of all sizes, and across continents. Each of those we have worked with are more than willing to testify to the long term positive, transformational, effect within their own lives, and that of the teams/organisations they run.

Our Passion

We live and breath this stuff. Working with those at the sharp end. Helping to spark and facilitate transformational change. Helping businesses to grow, teams to perform at the highest levels, and real life changing support to senior leaders/managers.

Our Philosophy

Strongly rooted in psychology and organisational management, our philosophy is that individuals, teams and organisations seek to actualise. In the right environment we all want to become the best versions of ourselves.

We seek to provide the relationship, framework and appropriate interventions to facilitate this positive change, inline with organisational objectives. Such interventions are driven by latest research in psychology, leadership, business and performance disciplines. Our approach is often integrative, weaving disparate theoretical underpinnings into a cohesive sum which is greater than its constituent parts. In other words, we’re damn good at what we do.

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