Business Coaching

You. Your business. Your agenda.

“We think and act more strategically, with a target of growing the business 20% year on year. It’s challenging, but we are on target, thanks to Welcome Insight!”

Lisa Wills, Owner, JML

Business Coaching

An exciting, challenging, growth process just for you…

Your Agenda

Why Business Coaching? Small businesses are the lifeblood of the economy, yet the failure rate is alarming. Being able to talk candidly about your challenges with someone who understands is a godsend. Not only have we grown and sold our own businesses, we have since worked with over 50 small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and helped them achieve their goals.

We've Been Where You Are

Because our Business Coaches have run their own successful businesses, we understand your pressures. How to grow, how to hire the right staff, the sleepless nights wondering whether you have the cash to pay the VAT bill. They are also highly qualified – having gained Masters qualifications in leadership, management and business development. What’s more, they are good to work with. They focus on what is needed, working to your agenda.

We don’t bring tick lists or reams of paper for you to fill out. Instead we start with a simple question. ‘What is it you want?’ And we go from there.

What Will It Involve?

Business coaching focusses on you, and your business.

We listen, ask questions, probe and support.

We make suggestions and challenge. Provide you with powerful new tools.

Help you to be strategic. Proactive. Communicate better. Delegate, lead, manage and grow.

We can even help you sell. Your services, or your business.

Typical Business Coaching Areas

Every business is different, and so are you. But there are often recurring themes, some of which are listed below;

  • Being crystal clear about what you want from your business (and life)
  • What is needed to grow your business (vision, strategy, objectives, goals)
  • How to be more effective in sales and marketing
  • How to recruit and retain the best staff to help grow your business
  • How to get work/life balance, how to sleep better at night, reduce stress
  • Financial planning (profit & loss, cash flow, management accounts, forecasts)
  • Overcoming self limiting thoughts and ineffective behaviours
  • How to become proactive, rather than reactive
  • Planning for a sale, how to get the best value, the process

Research shows that coaching provides a return on investment of at least 7 to 1.

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