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“Their honest and challenging style has forced me to confront some long standing managerial failings and turn them around. I now regard the way I work and manage my team as a major personal strength.”

Steve Boswell, Manager

Strategic Thinking Day for Leaders 

Here attendees are adding to their learning & action sheets

Theory is interspersed with laughter and fun

The facilitator provides feedback to both the group and individuals relating to leadership effectiveness

Overview of Our Approach

Depending on requirements, the following aspects are typically involved.

Gain buy-in

The decision to engage with external leadership and management development specialists should not be taken lightly. If not handled correctly, the project is likely to fail before it even starts. Being clear about desired outcomes, cultural fit, timeframes, and commitment to the process is imperative.

Needs Assessment

We will carry out a review of current leadership and management styles, credentials and experience. We work in partnership with you, really getting to understand your issues, what you want to address, and what your desired outcomes are.

We can assess individual management styles, as well as the dominant style within a division or across the organisation. We can with with you to  implement and review 360 degree feedback tools, build desired competency frameworks, define key learning outcomes and more.

Agreed scope

Before any training takes place together we will have clearly agreed;

  • Leadership and management development requirements
  • Programme process, timescales and deliverables
  • Required commitment levels (who, what, when)

We will also have the beginning of a great relationship.

Tailored Material

We craft relevant material to meet the agreed and identified requirements.

Our approach is designed to appeal to a wide range of learning styles and includes a mix of slides, notes, handouts, group exercises which appeal to differing personality types, reflection sheets, between session homework/exercises, videos, articles and various reading as required.

Programme Delivery

Each programme differs depending on requirements but we promise you a fully engaging, transformational, delivery style.

We utilise proven approaches to adult learning – catering for different levels of seniority and learning styles. Our approach is unique in that not only are trainers/coaches extremely experienced, learning is facilitated by;

  • Presentation of ideas/topics, open discussion, group activities, utilising a highly facilitative coaching style to deepen learning.
  • Well thought out, structured notes based on latest leadership/management thinking
  • Utilising a highly facilitative approach to learning
  • Underpinned by a deep psychological understanding of personal and team dynamics.

Typical Themes

Typical leadership and management development themes we cover in our programmes;

  • Develop effective personal leadership styles
  • Build, lead and manage high performance teams
  • Sustain growth and continuously improve
  • Embed cultures of innovation or joint enterprise
  • Managing personal and organisational change
  • Develop high levels of engagement to drive performance
  • Enter new markets, sectors and regions

Some key words: leadership styles, management styles, emotional intelligence, learning styles, psychometric testing, MBTI, 16PF, ILM72, Belbin Team Roles, Transactional Analysis, ego states, Okay Corral, Drama Triangle, effective communication, assessment tools, self awareness, Johari’s Window, strategy, delegation, time management, prioritisation, having difficult conversations, passive / assertive / aggressive behaviours, recruitment, selection, high performance, accountability, responsibility, KPIs, measurement, performance reviews, vision, values, mission, objectives, organisational change, transition, TTM, motivation theories, GROW, coaching, mentoring, stages of change, levels of leadership, dark side of leadership, people v task, customer service, innovate, success, flow, positive psychology, engagement and much much more.

Embedding The Learning

Recent shows again and again the need to follow up class room based learning with “in situ” support to fully embed learning. We offer the following components;

  • Implement an internal coaching programme
  • Follow up workshops
  • Follow up with external coaching
  • Articles, videos, email support etc.

Expected Outcomes

The whole programme will be designed, developed and delivered to meet the objectives set and agreed from the outset.

In addition, you will gain highly engaged managers. And if your managers are engaged, so will their teams be. Increased engagement is proven to improve revenue, profitability, customer service, staff retention, absences, health and safety, health, innovation, performance and much more.

How Much Will It Cost?

We will sit down with you and understand what you are looking for, and the budget you have, and tailor a solution to your needs.

Please note that if you are a business with under £40m turnover and 250 employees we may be able to gain government funding towards your leadership and management development needs. See Business Growth Service.

A bespoke worksop for Regional Directors

Workshops include significant group activities, discussion with materials and reflection notes.