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Engaging. Insightful. Impactful.

“The best conference we’ve ever run – and it’s thanks to Mark Bateman”

Ian Pickford, Partner, Mazzars LLP

Motivational Speaker, Facilitator

Mark has an incredible skill of getting to the heart of issues.


Gone are the days when attendees at your conference or event will put up with boring content and delivery.

Mark’s style is to engage from the outset. He runs highly interactive events, engaging all present, creating a real buzz in the room.


Mark has an incredible skill of getting to the heart of an issue in a way which surprises.

One minute the audience is laughing, the next minute they will be deeply impacted as they realise how it impacts them personally. Thought provoking, yet fun at the same time.


Mark takes your agenda and delivers. He has a unique knack of drawing everyone in, connecting with all present. The result is thought provoking and impactful.

Create a buzz

Mark’s topic was “Feedback is a gift”.

(Mark started the session wearing lipstick…)

Engage large groups

Powerful Feedback


“Usually these events are really boring – not this one!”

“You included everyone. We all had a voice. It was incredibly engaging.”

“A great event, well organised, well managed, relevant, fun, engaging and inspirational.

“Very insightful, was fun but really made me think – but in a good way.”

“The event positively impacted us a company, with everyone taking greater ownership”

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