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Mark Bateman

Business coaching Derby – I am committed to the success and growth of SMEs in and around Derby. Welcome Insight is a Marketing Derby Bondholder – committed to attracting investment into Derby and the surrounding area.

Many owner managers, directors, partners or HR look for a Derby business coach when they are looking to either grow, overcome some sort of challenge or seeking to develop leadership/management skills.

My profile is a little different from any other business coaching Derby. This article explains why.

Business Experience

To begin with I have started a business from scratch, and from 2003 to 2007 grew it to over £3m, with over 40 staff. I had offices in Derby (Vernon Gate) and Central London. Our clients included FTSE250, central and local government and a raft of organisations from all market sectors. I understand first hand the pressures that come with trying to start, then grow, a business.

In 2008 I put a management team in place to run the company whilst I took a sabbatical. I successfully removed myself from day to day operations and delegated/empowered my management team. It was during this time that I went back to University to start my Masters in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring.

I sold the business in 2011 after an extensive due diligence (DD) process. Actually, I went through two DDs as the first buyer pulled out at the last minute. I understand what makes a company valuable, and the process of acquisitions.

My Qualifications

Post sale, I completed my Masters in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring at Derby University. This was a significant achievement, and has given me a significant theoretical underpinning backed by research in all that I do. I also have a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Coaching and Mentoring, as well as Human Psychology. In short, I understand people, teams and how a company can thrive.

My Coaching Experience

Since 2010 I have worked with over 50 local business to help them grow and thrive. I work with the business owners, directors, partners and management teams. My focus is to help you be clear about what you want, then help you get there.

I am proven in business coaching Derby. Not only do I live in Derby, but I have pursued significant personal development and extensive qualifications. This means that should you choose to work with me, you can be assured that my approach is designed to help you achieve your objectives.

In addition to coaching, I have designed, developed and delivered a number of leadership management development programmes to senior managers, middle management and rising talent.

Who have I coached?

Some examples of local companies who have worked with me:

  • John M Lewis & Co (2014 to present). Working with the owners (Lisa Wills and Liz Knott) to grow the business 20% year on year. They are doing record numbers and are a Derby success story.
  • Silver Birch Creative (ad-hoc since 2013). Working with Karl and Emma Shaw (the owners) they have focussed on what they need to do to grow. Changes have included working through share ownership, vision, strategy and staff recruitment.
  • Dentspeed (2014). Coached Tony Hodgson the business owner. He had recently made a decision to start growing his business and wanted help and support. After focussing on his strengths, vision and strategy he quickly picked up large new customers and hired new staff. He continues to go from strength to strength forming strategic alliances in line with his vision.
  • RDS Global (2014). Coaching with the board after a MBO. Coaching around role and responsibilities, the way forward.
  • MBM Property (2014). Coaching with the senior management team and owners. Coaching covered vision, strategy for growth. Result was to open a new office in Chaddesden which provided a blue print for the future.
  • CMC Cleaning (2012/3). Coached the husband/wife owners. They thought they wanted to grow the business, but it became apparent that they really wanted a better work/life balance. They have since sold the business and are very happy in their new life.
  • I’ve worked with a great number of startups and micro businesses utilising with government funding (sadly now removed).  In addition I was the most in demand Derby Coaching for Success Coach, a University of Derby accredited Coach, as well as a government approved Growth Accelerator Coach.
  • For other (local as well as larger) companies see testimonials.

Next step – a FREE coaching session

If you are looking for proven business coaching Derby who will make a real and lasting difference to you and your business give me a call. There will be no hard sell, just a meaningful conversation to see how working together might help you.

What’s more, you will get one coaching session for free, meaning you get to try before you buy.

Call me on 07786 926092 or 01332 42 21 21 or email me at Alternatively please fill your details in the contact form below.

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