Engage Coach Accreditation

Online Engage Coach Accreditation Programme

If you are seeking to utilise the Engage coaching toolset in your own practice, you will need to get accredited. The good news is that there is an online programme which you can complete in your own time.

The course takes 4-6 hours, though you can spend longer as required. This will introduce you to the theoretical underpinnings of Engage, the 15 scales, the various Engage Reports and practice with real people’s profiles. By its completion you will be able to utilise the Accredited Engage Coach logo, and setup and run your own web based Engage programmes.

The benefits to your practice include:

  • A proven, evidence based coaching diagnostic tool
  • Assess both individual and group mindset
  • Utilise the reports to drive coaching and/or related interventions
  • Demonstrate return on investment

The cost for the online programme is £495 + VAT, which includes credits to use Engage for yourself.

To book your place, simply send an email to engage@welcomeinsight.com, or arrange a call to speak to Mark Bateman here.

david clutterbuck

“Engage provides the quality of insight needed to understand change resistance and to make change an asset rather than a liability. I recommend Engage in any coaching context, whether at individual, team, or group level.”

Professor David Clutterbuck, Coach and Author

Annie Slowgrove

Our future is very dependent on the quality of our service delivery and coach competency, it is crucial we have consistency of coaching experience even though every interaction must be unique and tailored, we require consistency for quality to be recognised. I can see the ‘engage’ tool bridging the gap between letting the coaching go where it needs to and having guided discovery again the engage constructs. It fits perfectly into our business model as a tool of choice and gives a rigorous approach to ROI, which is required nowadays as a coaching benchmark, specifically in Corporates.

Annie Slowgrove, Founder and Coach, Fearless Engagement

Overview of Course

Module 1: Introduction to Engage

  • What is Engage, How is Engage Different, The Engage Model, The Engage AIM Methodology, Scores and Scaling, Report Structure & Terminology

Module 2: Confidence

  • The Confidence Scales in Detail, Example Profile, Your Own Profile, Exercises

Module 3: Openness

  • The Openness Scales in Detail, Example Profile, Your Own Profile, Exercises

Module 4: Impact

  • The Impact Scales in Detail, Example Profile, Your Own Profile, Exercises

Module 5: Interaction Effects

  • Derailment, Left Tendency, Central Tendency. Explore Interaction Effects With 3 Examples Profiles

Module 6: Feedback

  • Demonstration, Preparation, Stages, Guide, Summary, Tips

Module 7: Profiling

  • Work With Three Example Profiles, Apply Learning

Module 8: Coaching Impact

  • Measuring Coaching Impact Over Time, Impact Report

Module 9: Programmes

  • Using the Engage AIM Methodology in Programmes, Engage Pulse Data, Assessing Collective Mindset, Intervening With Appropriate Interventions, Measuring Impact Over Time

Module 10: Administration

  • Use of system, Client Account, Benefits, Do’s & Don’ts, Report Options, Applications

Module 11: Technical

  • Statistical Validation, Research, Data Sheet

Module 12: Accreditation

  • Accreditation Process, Benefits