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Mark Bateman

Nottingham Business Coach – as a local business coach I am committed to supporting and helping Nottingham SME’s grow and develop.

Running your own business, or being a senior manager in one, comes with its own unique set of challenges. As someone who has grown a successful business then sold it I understand first hand the joys and pressures.

Now I work with others in senior positions – helping them to grow and develop their own businesses.

Although many call themselves a Nottingham business coach – very few have the relevant experience and qualifications that I have.

Business Experience

I have started my own business from scratch (in my fourth bedroom) and grown it to over 40 staff, a turnover of over £3m, with offices in Derby and central London. Clients included FTSE100s, central/local government and a diverse set of customers from all market sectors.

I have struggled with hiring the right staff, lost sleep about the payroll, put together detailed business plans for banks, almost overtraded, had to put my house on the line, taken new offices, made mistakes, fired employees, grown teams…

By 2008 (just before the financial market crash) I had a management team in place that I trusted to run the company whilst I  took a sabbatical. Thankfully I had learnt how to delegate and empower effectively. After a short break I started two Masters courses in a bid to add some academic rigour, research and latest thinking to my experience.

After an extensive due diligence (DD) process (working with Paul Bevan then of RSM Tenon, and Murray McNab then of Freeths) I sold the business 1st July 2011. I have since worked with a number of business owners through the sales process. The experience gave me first hand knowledge of the DD process itself (exhausting and stressful) as well as how companies are valued.

My Qualifications

Since selling the company I have completed a Masters in Leadership Coaching and Mentoring. A fantastic highly practical and academically rigorous course which covered not only leadership and coaching, but also organisational development, theories and more. In addition I have completed a Post Graduate Certificate in Business Coaching and Mentoring, and a Post Grad Certificate in Human Psychology. The result is I understand people, teams and how companies thrive.

My Coaching Experience

I started coaching before I’d sold my business, and have since worked with over 50 local businesses. My focus is to work with business owners, directors, partners and management teams.

I am proven as a Nottingham business coach. Not only do I live locally, but I have pursued significant personal development and extensive qualifications. This means that should you choose to work with me, you can be assured that my approach is designed to help you achieve your objectives.

I also design, develop and deliver high impact leadership management development programmes for senior managers, middle management and rising talent. My focus is to develop the individual leadership and management skills required to best help the company achieve its vision in line with its values.

Who have I coached?

Some examples of local companies who have worked with me:

Paul Bevan worked at Natwest and BDO, before moving onto RSM (RSM Tenon, Baker Tilly) and is now a senior partner at Mazars LLP. Paul was coached by Mark whilst at RSM Tenon Nottingham. Here is what he had to say about Mark Bateman as a Nottingham Business Coach;

Nottingham Business Coach Paul BevanMark is an exceptional executive coach and mentor. He is very well schooled, intuitive and relaxed; the sessions are pacey, provoking and stretching.

Progress comes quickly and you will soon relish the change. Those around you will notice and your business moves to a higher level.

Have an open mind and be prepared to surprise yourself.

Paul Bevan, Senior Partner, Mazars (Nottingham)


Other clients include:

  • CDA Group. One to one and board coaching around vision, values and strategy as well as designing and delivering a leadership & management development programme to 16 managers. Provided high impact follow up workshops and supported the managers through the sales process to Amica. Video and details here.
  • CMC Cleaning (2012/3). Coached the husband/wife owners, emploing circa 350 cleaners. They thought they wanted to grow the business, but it became apparent that they really wanted a better work/life balance. They have since sold the business and are very happy in their new life.
  • Within Derby I’ve worked with John M Lewis & Co, Silver Birch Creative, RDS Global and many many more. I’ve worked with a great number of startups and micro businesses utilising with government funding (sadly now removed).  In addition I was the most in demand Derby Coaching for Success Coach, a University of Derby accredited Coach, as well as a government approved Growth Accelerator Coach.
  • For other (local as well as larger) companies see testimonials.

Next step – a FREE coaching session

Choosing a Nottingham business coach to work with is a big decision – yet one which can turn out to be one of the best decisions you have ever made. At the core of how I work is to provide the support and help I wish I had received when I was growing my own business. It’s not easy – and I want to make it easier for others.

Meeting will cost you nothing, and you will get one coaching session for free. There is no risk to you, and I’m not the type to do a hard sell.

Call me on 07786 926092 or 01332 42 21 21 or email me at Alternatively please fill your details in the contact form below.

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