3 tips to enjoy more than 0.3% growth

UK growth optimismRelief. The UK avoided the triple dip recession. What’s more, although 0.3% is not a large number, growth was higher than expected (though don’t be surprised if its revised down as more data becomes available).

Many businesses would love to grow at 0.3%. But to really ensure success focus is key. Here’s three tips to help you stay focussed on not only maintaining, but growing your business.

1. Is the what, how or why driving you?

Its so easy to get caught up in the ‘what we do’ and the ‘how we do it’. Here’s an alternative, take a minute to think about the ‘why we do it’. For this is what drives your energy, focus and passion – and is the reason your staff get motivated, and your clients buy from you. So, write it down now, why are you doing what you are doing? Now answer the question from a business perspective.

2. Ask yourself ‘Is what I am doing reactive or proactive?’

Running a business with staff and clients results in significant demands on our time, causing us to become reactive. Applying oil to the wheel which squeaks the loudest. We pride ourselves on the hours worked, and the tasks completed. The problem is, we are not focussing on the strategic things which bring greater success and satisfaction. Make a list of the things you have done today or yesterday. How many of those were reactive as compared to proactive?

3. Gain an objective perspective

Problems grow and multiply, demanding our time and energy. We end up surrounded by trees, and lose sight of the forest. Gaining much needed perspective will make a crucial difference to your decision making. If you feel like the pressure is relentless make sure you take time away from looking at the bark of the trees. Find a helicopter, fly up to a few thousand feet. Solutions which were hitherto eluding you will present themselves. What does your helicopter look like? Playing an instrument? A much needed break? Catching up with good friends? Whatever it is, plan to do it right now.

At Welcome Insight we specialise in helicopter flights. Our clients are amazed at the new perspectives gained, not only as it relates to themselves, but also their organisations. If you would like to be amazed contact us today.


(c) Welcome Insight 2013. Article written by Mark Bateman.