Answer this question to grow your business

A common recurring question that almost every business asks is; how can we grow our business with limited resources?

If you are like most of our clients, you will have asked this question in many different ways.

How can I get more time? How can I take more time away from the office? How can I get my managers to take more responsibility? How can we increase our profits?

These are good questions. The problem is, we ask them without taking the action that will provide the breakthrough we so crave.

What’s the true limiting factor to growth?

Ask most directors and they say it’s time. Or money. Or lack of experienced staff.

The truth is, it’s none of these. We all have an equal amount of time in a given week. Every business has cash or staff issues.

The true limiting barrier is you. How you spend your time. Your energy. How you think. What you do.

Change this, you change your business.

Once we become aware of how we are thinking and acting, and we allow ourselves to be challenged, new vistas open up. New ways of thinking and acting. And we become strategic. We make decisions. Proactively. We start to run our business, rather than allowing our business to run us.

So I want to ask one question to help you grow your business.

If success were guaranteed – what would you do?

Such a simple question – but if you take time to reflect on it – it’s very powerful.

If success were guaranteed – what would you do?

There are other ways to ask the same question;

  • If you were to take one day out of your busy week to work on something to grow your business – what would it be? Forget about how possible it is for a moment as success is guaranteed. Just ask yourself the question.
  • If you were to develop just one idea you have to grow the business – what would it be? How would you go about it? What specific actions would you take? What would be the outcome? Would it be worthwhile?

If you were to do this every week, what outcomes might you expect? How would this develop your business?

In 12 months time, what results would you expect?

Seriously. Ask yourself this question. Get a pad of paper. Write it down. Then add your thoughts.

Grow your business!

If you are anything like the customers we work with –  this kind of thinking is enjoyable. It sparks new ideas. Creativity. Excitement. Opportunities. It lifts your thinking from the day to day operational issues you were facing, into more strategic ‘what if’ thinking.

Now you’ve asked yourself that question – my challenge is this; what’s stopping you?

Author: Mark Bateman, Executive Coach. 12th June 2014.

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